The studio

The studio is designed for experienced potters who are comfortable working independently with clay through the final glazing process. It is also a small-group teaching facility outfitted to introduce ceramics to a broader audience and educate individuals interested in becoming studio members. All glaze firings are done to cone 6.

The layout of the studio was devised out of the need to optimize space, facilitate collaboration and enable the use of different techniques and applications in the ceramics process. It currently offers:

  • 5 Brent wheels

  • Vertical slab roller

  • Northstar extruder

  • 2 hand-building tables

  • 10 studio glazes

  • Glaze formulation station

  • 2 electric Skutt kilns

STUDIO SPACES: In addition to the open working area, The Hive Ceramics offers 5 semi-private studio spaces. They are about 50 square feet each and provide individuals access to the studio any time, the use of all equipment and glazes, and a kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave.

MEMBERSHIPS: We offer a limited number of monthly memberships to experienced ceramic artists who want to work in the studio during normal business hours.

Please ‘Contact Us’ if you’d like to inquire about studio space or becoming a studio member.