Jenny MEssing


Jenny Messing

Hometown: San Diego ,CA

Current Residence: San Clemente ,CA

What is something personal you’d like to share about yourself?

Sales and marketing professional turned chef, turned ceramic enthusiast.

How did you find ceramics?

My friend Sophie and I signed up for a hand building class at Aardvark Clay and from day 1 I was hooked!

Who are your influences?

Heath Ceramics, Tortus, Miro Made This, Sven Ceramics & Julie Damhus to name a few.

How would you describe your work?

Forever evolving.

Why do you love/what do you love about ceramics?

It’s my creative therapy, my happy place.

If you had to choose one, Handbuilding or Wheel-Throwing? Why?

Handbuilding…. I love the mud!!!